About A.K.A. MISSI

A.K.A MISSI is a lifestyle blog that talks about the challenges and pleasures of independent women. If you’re single or married, working a 9-5 or an entrepreneur, need to know where to hang with the girls or how to squeeze in Me-Time, A.K.A MISSI got you covered. Delivering inspirational and insightful information slightly influence by today’s pop culture for women who have defined their lives by not being afraid to live it!

About Iris Kirkland

I am Iris Kirkland A.K.A.MISSI.  I’m a communicator, that provides helpful resources in my day-to-day activity. With a Hunter college B.A. in Media Studies / Print-Journalism, I shine the most when I can be creative with my words, telling stories that inspires and informs.


10 Random Questions About Me

I launched AKAMISSI, a lifestyle blog for women in January 2012 with the intent to tell inspiring stories about women who defined what it means to be independent, successful, risk takers and trend-setters. I can only hope that I share their stories well enough that it will inspire the independent woman in you.

October 2014, I started freelancing to build my writing portfolio. I am interested in writing for blogs, print and online publications.

I Blog | I Work | I Play | I Live | I Respond | I Connect | I am Iris A.K.A MISSI the creator of AKAMISSI.com #MissIndependentDefined


I know I said that I write with the intent to inspire others. However, sometimes I will write some thing that  inspires and motivates me, all call them my faves.


I love to hear from you! 

Your thoughts, ideas, well wishes and even your rants as long as you keep it respectful and tasteful.  To make sure that you’re not met with frustration when leaving your comments, please note you do not have to use a WordPress, Twitter or Facebook account to comment you can simply add your name and email address  below the comment box. However, if you have a  WordPress, Twitter or Facebook you can log in by the click of the button.


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