Dear Romantically Challenge Man, Here’s a Few Pointers


MAN CRATES, is a new company that designs custom wooden crates that open with a crowbar and come filled with gifts tailored to men. They’re doing a Valentines Day campaign for the romantically challenged man. They asked me and a few other bloggers to create a crate with five items that will help the romantically challenged man impress their valentine.

Well, since this will be my first Valentines Day as a Mrs., I could not help but to make a crate for Mr. Romantically Challenged – newlywed husband. This crate would have every thing he needs to make him stand out from the other attempts of romancing his lady.  

(P.S. This is not to say my husband is romantically challenged, however if he steals any of these ideas I won’t be upset. )

Something to Eat!

I love to eat, no big secret there. Dinning out is fun, but nothing is more sexy than a man who can prepare dinner for their significant other. So the first thing that to go into the MAN CRATES is recipes and grocery list that will give him step by step instructions on how to created a gourmet dinner that tastes like romance in every bite.

Something Sweet!

My second item in my MAN CRATES would have to be high-end candles. These candles will help set the mood as they leave an aroma of a sweet fragrance in the air. 

Something Naughty!

Of course this MAN CRATES has to have something naughty or at least something that will get his Valentine to feel naughty. A combination of oils and bath salts. This will give Mr. Romantically Challenged the right tools to give his lady a soothing bath followed by a massage. 

Something Neat!

Nothing is more cooler than listening to old school love songs with your lover. So this MAN CRATES needs a play list of old school love songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Mr. Romantically Challenge can pick out the songs he know that both him and his significant other love.

Something Different!

This MAN CRATES will not be complete until he keys to his own Utopia.  This can be a penthouse or a hotel room with a great view of the city for one night. Of course this room would include the kitchen to make the romantic dinner, a IPod player to play the play list, and a huge tub for two. The best part is no one has to clean up the mess, making the night extra romantic for all.

Now that’s my idea of being romantic, Mr. Romantically Challenged. Also, ladies if you have no clue on what to get your guy, because you’re Mrs. or Miss. Romantically challenged check out MAN CRATES awesome gifts fit for any man. You may just find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.


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