My Response to…An Open Letter to Mary J Blige



Everyone is talking about Mary J. Blige Burger King Commercial. One blog leads to another blog, which leads to dozen of comments, disputing if the commercial is racist or not? Or is it just something that we wish she never did because it is not what we expect from a Grammy award singer.

In an “An Open Letter to Mary J Blige” by Dementria L. Lucas, one of my favorite blogist responded to the comerical after she read a very detail “#AdFAIL:5 Ways Burger King Gave Mary the Short End of the (Chicken) Strip,” by Thembisa S. Mshaka.

And my response…

All weekend I was bombarded with my boyfriend singing Mary J Blige Burger King lyrics. He was, poking fun in disbelief that a Grammy award singer decided to add this commercial to her portfolio. He feels like her singing about fried chicken is as bad as singing about watermelon or grape Kool-Aid. I have to admit, if I would have saw the commercial with out the comments I probably would not think that the commercial is racist. But I would think that the commercial is tacky and she could have saved the embarrassment by keeping it simple. Why didn’t they have her walked in and just request the new chicken wrap? You don’t see David Beckham kicking a soccer ball into Burger King before requesting a meal.

What is your response?

4 Comments on My Response to…An Open Letter to Mary J Blige

  1. Da boy Friend // April 10, 2012 at 7:38 pm // Reply

    I don’t think the commercial is racist per se. It’s just done with naivety, considering the strong RECENT history of outwardly (and now behind closed doors) racism against black Americans in America.
    It is about our children. It’s about remembering emitt till, James bird, Jim Crow laws, black face etc etc etc. So that history doesn’t repeat itself, And our children won’t stand for being disrespected. And I’m not talking about that street BS.. I’m talking about that “slight of hand” corperate disrespect.

    I disagree. I think it starts with acceptablity of “sanging” about crispy fried chicken.

    • Again, I ask, why are we the only culture made to feel ashamed of our food? Made to be ashamed to celebrate our food? If you ask a Mexican about tacos they are not ashamed or insulted… If you ask a Trinidadian about Roti, do they cuss you out? If you ask an Itslian about pasta do they get offended? No, matter of fact they are all over the television celebrating it! We have to stop letting the slight of hands as you say make us ashamed of our heritage.

  2. Truth be told I don’t think there is anything wrong with the commercial! Why is it that we as African Americans are made to feel ashamed about our food? All other cultures embrace their food but we are made to feel shamed. So what she is singing about chicken? I like chicken…so because it’s considered a stereotypical Black food I should be embarrassed? I don’t think so! I say we stop hiding and fighting these simple issues of food and worry more about our black children and males getting killed by each other and other races. Chicken is the least of our problems


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