My Response to…Are Certain Comments Simply Taboo for the Single Sista?!

So the question is, “Are Certain Comments Simply Taboo for the Single Sista?!” Nini Bodine, begins to answer that question by saying, “It’s funny how people pass judgment on single people (especially women) when it comes to cooking, love and marriage, travel, and my, personal favorite, children.” She goes on to explain, as a young lady she was encouraged to maintain her independence from men and to find her own way. When She graduated college she realized the conversations changed and it was more about who are you dating and when are you having children? I don’t think Ms. Bodine problems are with the questions as much as the feeling of being attacked, about where she is in her life. People assume that if your single, without children, etc. its because you decided to be and if you decided to be, then something must be wrong. Before she gives her humorous thoughts on; cooking, love, marriage, travel and children, she tells single women to develop “thick skin” for those daunting questions, you should read it.

My Response…

I have always considered myself an independent woman, I even blog about it @ A.K.A MISSI. I totally can relate to “the questions”, from my days of being single to even when I found Mr. Right. I remember a young lady around my age, who had two kids of her own, asking me what I was waiting for to have kids? When I said my famous answer, “the right man”, she gave me a look like she did not understand. Now I have Mr. Right, the new question people ask, is what is taking me so long to get married and have some kids? My response is I am letting our relationship take it’s natural course. In other words, I am enjoying where I am at in my relationship and I am not trying to rush into the next chapter just because someone is bored with the chapter that I’m in. When I say I am thinking about marriage, but I don’t want to spend so much on the wedding; the follow-up question is, why not just go to the court house, now? People always will have questions, advice, and or unwarranted suggestions. But I have learned that it is just human nature, for people to pry into people’s life. I don’t take it personal; at least I try not to.

What is Your Response?


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