Power of RED

For years I said, I need to get a pair of red pumps to add to my collection. I always heard others say red pumps are must haves, like a black dress or pearls; I did not know the reason until I bought my first pair.

Slowly coming up the escalator in Macy’s I saw red suede pumps. They seem to have called my name; I walked over quickly as if those where the last pair. In less then 20 minutes they where mine, I officially owned a pair of red pumps. I can’t explain why, but I was actually excited. Next I went shopping for accessories. Oh, I can’t have red shoes without red lipstick! So I head to MAC and tried all the different shades of red.

RED lipstick, RED clutch, RED shoes, RED RED RED! Something about that color makes a girl feel bold and daring. I decided that I would wear all my red with a cream dress to a work function.  I had to find somewhere to rock my new sexy, powerful lady look. 

I have to say I found my new favorite color. The last time I had a favorite color I was a freshman in high school, I over did it with purple.  I wore purple; coat, book bag, and yes I had a pair of purple Reebok sneakers. However purple never did for me what red does; it is the only color that when I wear it I feel not only sexy, but powerful. Something about that pure red that demands attention, even without my request.

By the way I pulled it off, I wore the red pumps to that work function / promotion party. I rocked a cream dress with red accessories and red lipstick. It goes without saying the red pumps was the center of attention. I received so many compliments from women and men. I was, that Lady in red ; )

2 Comments on Power of RED

  1. First let me start by saying… WELCOME TO RED! Red is a color that commands attention, it boldly speaks confidence, passion, and yes sexy too. Even on men, red has a point as the movers, shakers and leaders in the room normally wear a red tie. Rock it RED Hunnay! whoop whoop


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