Should Chivalry Exists in Romance?


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My co-worker and I began to talk about chivalry, is it dead, and in his terms should it stay dead? His argument was there’s other ways for him to make a woman feel like a lady and he disagrees with the opening the door, pulling out the chairs, walking on the right side of her just to prove his love to her.

Well, that made for a heated conversation that I took notes on for an upcoming post. I decided to take to twitter the question and I found most people felt like chivalry is not dead if it’s what you stand for.

I did a little research on the term chivalry and found that the term was not romantic at all, it  for knights to do the moral thing to do to protect those who could not protect themselves. I am still doing some research and will like to get others opinions, so…

What is the definition chivalry?

Who should be chivalrous?

Is it dead today?

Let’s talk about!

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2 Comments on Should Chivalry Exists in Romance?

  1. Hey Monique thanks for responding. I like your definition of chivalry as “…kind gestures…” I think that both men and women should bring kind gestures to the relationship. On another note, in my opinion causal sex does not deal with feelings and chivalry is all about feelings.

  2. I would define chivalry as being any small, simple kind gestures that a man does to make a woman feel special. I don’t think it’s dead yet, but I certainly think it’s dying a slow, painful death and should be revived. I’m a fan of casual sex but the downside is that men increasingly expect to get what they want without putting any real work in for it-work being through chivalry. I’ve heard many people say that chivalry flies in the face of feminism and everything that woman have accomplished to be seen as equal to the opposite sex. But I don’t think that being seen as an equal has to be mutually exclusive to making the woman in your life feel valued. Woman go above and beyond to keep the men in their lives and to show men that they are appreciated through the excessive amount of personal maintenance, sexual favors and loyalty women show them. I think holding the door open or reaching for the bill more oftentimes than not is the least a man can do.


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