I went to Vegas Baby!


The Big Bright Bold Colorful art, was one of my favorite things about Encore!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! However, I can’t keep the Encore experience to myself.

If you plan a trip out to Vegas, Encore hotel is the way to go. It is fairly new and the sister hotel to Wynn hotel. It has a grand ambiance that greeted us at the door. Bright colors, huge display of art and a sweet aroma was the first things I notice about the hotel. What made my stay exceptional is the friendly service we receive from the time we checked in to the time we checked out.

My boyfriend and I arrived on Super Bowl Sunday; I was nervous that we would not make it to our room in time for the game, the line was so long. Not only did they give us service with a smile, they made sure we were in our room before the game started.

We were on the 58th floor and the view was phenomenal. As my baby put it, we was “on top of the world,” with a full glass view. We started the night with room service. Even though they were busy for Super Bowl Sunday, our food was delivered less than the predicted 45 minutes. When the food arrived, I heard for the first time a door bell ring in a hotel room, classy. We ordered football food; wings, nachos, soda etc. The wings were not the greatest but overall the food filled my belly and it was eatable.

The pictures online was not a fake version of Encore style and feel. Exactly what I saw when I booked the place was what I receive. We walked into a chic atmosphere, with a big comfortable bed and plenty of space. The added extras, like a TV to watch while taking a bubble bath made me so comfortable I did not want to leave the room.

We tried their breakfast buffet style that well made up for the, “just okay” wings. They had a variety of things to choose from and I think I tasted everything besides the bagels.

Neither my boyfriend nor I gamble a lot, so our stay was short, but Encore made it sweet. I would definitely stay at the Encore again if I find myself in Vegas.

Do you know some great hotels, or places to go? I love traveling.

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2 Comments on I went to Vegas Baby!

  1. It sounds like you had a great time! Vegas is a must on me and my honey’s list of places to visit one day. This year’s Superbowl was really good…especially with Beyonce’s halftime show!

    • We went on their off season and the price was very good. I missed the good part of the Super Bowl, when the lights went out I did too : ) I was so tired! But I heard that it was a great time! I did get to see Beyonce rock it and I enjoyed her show.


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